Thinking deliberately

While watching a video on Facebook yesterday, I listened to Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach describe the concept that if you want to feel better you need to understand that your thoughts create your feelings so, controlling your thoughts can allow you to feel better. I think she called it thinking deliberately.

Not a new concept to me, it was a good reminder. Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life had introduced this concept to me a few years ago.  How many times have I made a situation worse by thinking the worst? Or how often have I thought someone was a certain way that they weren’t?

Currently not working, I’ve so much more time to reflect. It’s easy to allow my thoughts to take me into a stream of worry or almost despair. It’s almost like those old movies where the horses pulling a stage coach get spooked and they bolt down a path and the driver struggles to get control. I have to remind myself to grab the reins, get control and steer my thoughts in a positive direction.

Taking some time to refocus, explore online courses, take long walks, try yoga videos, cook new recipes, and become more comfortable with silence. I realize I’m trying to fill my days with business to limit the time left for thoughts to change my focus while instead I should be harnessing the power of my thoughts to create happiness, hope and contentment.

I remember back in the ‘80s when some sort of pyramid sales opportunity came our way, one of their mantras was, “what the mind believes, you can achieve.” Believing my next job will be my best job, my skills, abilities, work ethic and positive attitude will be valued, and that it will happen at the right time – those are the thoughts I’m trying to think deliberately.

Meanwhile, I’m embracing opportunities to learn, discover and explore.

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