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Giving My Worries Away

Today, when meditating, a vision came into my head. I saw my hands extended in front of me. Placed in my upturned palms was a package wrapped neatly in a handkerchief. The handkerchief was white with a pretty pattern on it and the ends were tied up to form a pouch. Then I noticed there were shiny strings like fishing line tied to the package. As I looked up it was as if they connected to a hot air balloon. I knew immediately what I must do and I knew that package contained all my worries. I closed my eyes, drew in a long peaceful breath, raised my hands above my head and released the package and watched as it floated upwards.

Somehow I could breathe easier, I felt lighter and more free. I suppose I just released my worries to God and gave myself permission to be joyful.

I’ve heard Doreen Virtue speak and she says the angels want to help you; they are just waiting for your permission or your request. I’ve always felt the presence of angels with me. Even as a child the idea of having a Guardian Angel gave me much comfort.  I pray and I speak to angels.  Just as they say it takes a community to raise a child, I believe as adults there are resources helping us and we have only to ask.

I experience the evidence of asking the angels, God and the Holy Spirit to be with me and my children, to help guide us to that which we need most.  In the past I’ve tended to dismiss emails and Facebook posts or unsolicited advice but I’ve begun to view it differently. I’m following up on leads for employment opportunities, I’m listening to the words and advice of those whose intentions come from love and I’m witnessing the angels work. I feel blessed and grateful.  I don’t think I ever noticed the abundance of gifts that surround me every day. The gifts that come from friends who encourage, former colleagues who acknowledge my value, wisdom from my children and just the faith, hope and love that is all around me, just waiting for me to access.

This is not to say that life isn’t still providing struggles, it is. I feel helpless, at times, not knowing what to do to help my kids in their struggles too. Stress is never far from our family it seems. But maybe it’s there to help me see the grace that also exists, the strength of survival and the honour of living it.

Today I feel peace and love and I extend it outward.