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Picturing my happy thoughts

Working through a social media marketing course has been interesting. Tasked with creating some video content, I thought one way to do that would be to share some of my favourite happy thoughts through photos.

Of course the majority of the photos are of my children for they have enriched my life with so much joy! The following video is just a small cross-section of photos, in no particular order that represent some of my happiest thoughts or memories.

I thought of putting them in chronological order but then I decided to scroll through randomly was much more representative of how happy thoughts come and go anyway.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a glimpse of the images that bring me happiness!

Here’s the video, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I chose to share.

Remembering iron chef Sundays

I have to admit, I’ve been a pretty creative mom with my kids and I think they’d agree with that statement! One of the initiatives we undertook is still talked about from time to time and I think it’s a good example of one of the things we did right.

Iron Chef Sundays

When Iron Chef was a popular trending tv show that we enjoyed watching, and I was getting tired of the responsibility of planning menus and preparing all the meals, we decided to do our version of the show. We put all our names on pieces of paper in a cup and drew out three names. Those three would be the cooks for that week and the other three would come up with the mystery ingredient. The following week it would switch and then the names were put back in and re-drawn.

The ingredient was identified and agreed upon, the team would seek out recipes and inform me of their grocery requirements. Sunday afternoons were fun and somewhat frustrating as people tried to work as a team. It was interesting to see those who wanted to just take over and do it all for themselves, those who were content to back away and those who giggled and had fun trying to create a masterpiece. Even in the choosing of the mystery ingredient, there were interesting strategies that became apparent. Some would choose an ingredient they knew they’d enjoy eating. Others chose something they knew the other team would not want to cook with. Some chose ingredients they had never tried and were looking for an adventure.

cooking tool clipart
cooking tools

We continued this tradition for I’m guessing about two years until the kids’ part-time jobs made it too difficult to continue. I remember some of the ingredients being pretty challenging like goat which I had to figure out where to buy let alone how to cook! We would often try to use the ingredients in several dishes too. I remember risotto was a bit of a challenge to get right too.

I think what I enjoyed most was encouraging their creativity in the kitchen, seeing teams come together and enjoying their faces as we all sat down to dinner to try the latest creation. Even when company was coming for dinner we continued on with the challenges. I try not to remember the fighting, bickering and the occasional tears of frustration and remember the fun and the unique memories only we share. I love my kids and treasure the memories we’ve made and are still making!