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Believing in tomorrow while appreciating today

This year our family has been through unemployment, health issues, an end of a relationship, financial troubles, new jobs, new pressures and new challenges. We are surviving and in some cases flourishing. Believing there are better things in store, hanging on to hope, however fine the thread, and having faith is what tethers me and keeps me from spinning into desperation.  That’s not to say my toes have not dipped into the waters of overwhelming sorrow and nagging worry, sometimes I’ve been up to my neck in it! Ever present is that tether of hope that I rely on to believe tomorrow can be a better day and that my kids will find the strength to cope and rise above the harsh tides that splash up against them.

Today, on this first day of 2016, I am reminded that this New Year brings 365 opportunities. Opportunities are what we make of them. Ahead of us there are 365 opportunities to simply have a good day, to be kind, to seek joy, to set goals, to achieve, to love, to “do over,” to live, to do whatever it is that feeds our souls.

Yet, one thought slapping me in the face as I got up today was the fact that this year I turn 50. An age I certainly don’t feel, and don’t feel ready to embrace, and yet, the grey hairs I fight to conceal prove I’ve certainly earned it. Why fear 50? Why dread this number? It is a privilege not afforded to all. Instead of dreading turning 50 I want to frame it as an opportunity, a privilege and an adventure.

Perhaps, instead of worrying about whether or not we’ll ever afford to retire, whether or not our adult children will move bravely and independently into satisfying, fulfilling futures, perhaps I should embrace each day as the gift it is. And while every yesterday has held beauty, treasure, lessons, and much love, and while I am filled with gratitude for the many happy memories of my babies as they grew into adults, I’m content with my role as their mom and have few regrets. I’m grateful I was a young mom who grew up with my kids, played with them, learned with them and encouraged them.

Instead of lamenting my age, I’m grateful for what was, what is and what will be. What a privilege to walk alongside my kids in this life, to know them and to love them.

tree tips, sky beyond
The sky beyond the branches

When they struggle and experience pain I wish there was anything I could do to take it from them but always knowing it is not mine to take.  I can love and support and believe in them and their ability to handle that which tries them.  I believe in their tomorrows and hope for the best for them.  And while I sometimes feel sad that I’m already turning 50 I’m grateful for the years ahead and I’m thinking about  the 365 opportunities 2016 has gifted me.

I’m thinking – hope is a powerful tether that can stretch as thin as a hair and yet remain strong when anything else would just snap and disconnect. Yes, hope is what binds our past, our present and what lies ahead – it’s a promise worth believing in.

So, HOPE, continue to be my lifeline and to remind me the story is not over. Tomorrow brings another precious gift, a brand new opportunity.

Looking forward when today feels too hard

Many times, I just need something to look forward to – a promise that there will be a better day, a happier, less-stressed day.

When my kids are feeling pain, and struggling, I don’t know how to not allow it to affect me. Even if I could turn off my concern, I wouldn’t. It’s how I’m wired; it’s how I love. Whether it is unemployment, break-ups, mental health struggles, health or university pressures, there’s so much coming at them. I’d love to tell them it gets easier, that things get better when you’re older. But that’s not been my experience. Life is hard. What I try to emphasize is having something to look forward to – whether it’s a goal or a vacation, starting something new, fun with friends or just a movie coming out they’ve been looking forward to.

For me, there’s a Bahamas trip in April and a family week at a rental cottage the end of June. I go there in my imagination sometimes and when things are particularly challenging I can at least look forward to those times.

My mom used to say, “This too shall pass.” And there is comfort in those words. There is the promise that troubles don’t last forever but there’s also the reality within those words that good times too will pass.

I’ve seen life plans, hopes, dreams, a future, simply erased by one person’s decision – and all of it replaced by a broken heart.  I can only hope that broken heart – will also not last forever and will one day heal to love again.

Some dreams die, but I look forward to new ones taking their place.

Some days seem like they’ll never end, and some days I wish wouldn’t.

While experiencing pain, struggle, loss, heart-break it feels like an eternity.

While recently celebrating our 28th anniversary, my husband and I returned to the location of our wedding reception for dinner. It was all too apparent how quickly those 28 years passed.  I feel a bit like that scene in Hook where Peter comes back and when Wendy turns to him she is old, “I’m ever so much more than 20, Peter,” she says.

I can’t think too much about how fast the time has gone, or how quickly it seems I’ve grown closer to the age of 50. On the inside I don’t feel my age. On the other hand, I feel I’ve earned the grey hairs and if I could go back, I don’t think I would.

I know I can’t hang onto yesterday, anymore than I can make today’s hurts speed away. But having something to look forward to helps me focus on the promise of a better tomorrow.

Sunrise Corfu Greece