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Picturing my happy thoughts

Working through a social media marketing course has been interesting. Tasked with creating some video content, I thought one way to do that would be to share some of my favourite happy thoughts through photos.

Of course the majority of the photos are of my children for they have enriched my life with so much joy! The following video is just a small cross-section of photos, in no particular order that represent some of my happiest thoughts or memories.

I thought of putting them in chronological order but then I decided to scroll through randomly was much more representative of how happy thoughts come and go anyway.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a glimpse of the images that bring me happiness!

Here’s the video, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I chose to share.

Finding my top 20 happy thoughts

Recently struggling to stay on top of feelings of stress, I thought to myself: what I need is to find my happy thoughts. Reconnecting with them will help me focus on the positive.

My next step was asking myself what those happy thought are. So the following is my list of happy thoughts, here to help me re-focus in the future and to perhaps remind you that the good stuff is there if you remember to pay attention.

  1. Motherhood – my children continue to teach me so much and they offer me acceptance.
  2. My Guy – through all our ups and downs, his arms wrapped around me is my happy place.
  3. Family – my entire family is a source of love and comfort that strengthens me.
  4. Imagination – where would we be without the ability to imagine? Whether it’s fun and creativity, solutions and ideas or just a better tomorrow – imagination brings me happy thoughts.
  5. Log cabins, docks to calm water, walks on forest trails, deep blue skies, the sound pine needles make when you walk over them.
  6. Wishes and birthday cakes, celebrations, opportunities to appreciate and joy.
  7. Vacations – whether with the family or just my Guy – that relaxation, adventure, shared experience and memory making that enriches our existence.
  8. Feeling appreciated.
  9. Achievements, accomplishments and helping others.
  10. Kindness.
  11. Warm sunshine and playing in the rain.
  12. Babies and toddlers.
  13. Books with great stories.
  14. Memories.
  15. Growing up with my kids.
  16. Silliness.
  17. Inside jokes.
  18. Peter Pan, Robin Hood, heroic characters, re-enactments that play in my head of yesterdays and the small children who have now become adults but still remember…
  19. The first time I held each of my children in my arms and the knowledge I’d loved them before our eyes had even met.
  20. Expression, creativity.

Perhaps I’ll revisit this list over time and perhaps I’ll add to it as I think of more happy thoughts. For today, at least, it’s brightened my mood and brought me back to gratitude.