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Christmas – Traditionally Always Changing

As our children get older and the reality that they may not always want to share their Christmases with us becomes a worrisome thought for me, I can’t help thinking, ugh, just my Guy and I alone on Christmas, how will that be any fun?

My eyes well up with tears when I remember each child’s first Christmas and oh so many fun memories. I worked hard to create our own traditions. We would celebrate Christmas eve with a birthday cake for Jesus, before bed the kids would open one gift then I’d tell them the story of Jesus’ birth using pictures I’d created from construction paper followed by Guy reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. In the morning they had to wait until 7 am before waking us but they could open their stockings.

I remember the year they started to care about giving instead of just receiving. The year they all posed for pictures in matching onesie pyjamas would be so fun to recreate. I was recently remembering too the year they all decided to re-gift old toys to each other and they laughed so hard and had so much fun opening them. Each December we’d take them to the dollar store, Guy would wait out with the kids sending one in at a time to select items for the others and I’d have to remember who was giving what to whom.

Somewhere along the way I gave up on turkey dinners that no one seemed interested in eating and switched to appetizers on Christmas day and after a few years of finding myself all alone after the Lego was built and the kids were off in their rooms we started the tradition of going to a movie on Christmas day.

Over the years we’ve stopped having the birthday cake for Jesus, no one wants to hear the stories. Some traditions remain, some do not. But reflecting helped me to realize that when something, no matter how precious to my heart, stopped working we adapted, we changed, and we started something new.

The truth is, Guy had my heart first and we enjoyed Christmas together before we had children. So in the future, when my kids want to start their own traditions and create their own family Christmases I’ll have happy memories to warm my heart and I feel confident that Guy and I will create new traditions – perhaps Christmas in Florida will call our names!