Picturing my happy thoughts

Working through a social media marketing course has been interesting. Tasked with creating some video content, I thought one way to do that would be to share some of my favourite happy thoughts through photos.

Of course the majority of the photos are of my children for they have enriched my life with so much joy! The following video is just a small cross-section of photos, in no particular order that represent some of my happiest thoughts or memories.

I thought of putting them in chronological order but then I decided to scroll through randomly was much more representative of how happy thoughts come and go anyway.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a glimpse of the images that bring me happiness!

Here’s the video, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I chose to share.

Dancing in the rain

I saw a meme on Facebook today on Anna Grace Taylor’s page. I’m sure I’ve heard the saying before but today it stirred memories.

dance in the rain
Facebook, Anna Grace Taylor

The smell of rain hitting hot pavement in the summer always makes me think of summers in Brantford, Ontario before we moved to Toronto when I was seven.  At the first fat splats of rain on the hot pavement of the driveway we’d run and find our bathing suits. We’d put them on and play in the rain. How free we were. It was an expression of joy. Big raindrops would land on eyelashes and drip down our faces, we’d dance and sing and play and move freely without fear of judgment.

As I grew older, dancing in the rain was no longer cool. What if someone saw you and made fun of you? No one on our street in Toronto ever did anything like that. Memories of dancing in the rain were tucked away and shelved.

Many years later when I was perhaps, 20 I went to Florida with the man who would become my husband. His parents had a trailer in Florida and we went to visit. The senior’s complex was quite pretty and I remember seeing Easter decorations in the palm trees that put a smile on my face.  It rained a lot that week but at least it was warm.  When his mom and dad went to a community meeting and the trailer began to feel a bit small, we ventured outside. The rain came down sprinkling at first very gently. Next, the rain started coming down harder. Not sure how he would react, I began to reach up to the sky and enjoy the feel of the rain falling on my face.  Before I knew it we were both laughing and playing in the rain. There was acceptance and joy in our movements, not caring if anyone could see us, we allowed ourselves to experience the warm rain joyfully, to embrace the weather and make the best of it.

I loved the smell of the rain falling on the hot pavement and loved the familiar feeling of the rain splashing on my eyelashes. He took my hand in his and we felt free.

Years later, I again played in the rain with my kids and it reminds me that even though rain will fall in our lives, we can either choose to meet it with grumbles or we can embrace it, find our happy  thoughts and  allow ourselves to fly!