Wishing you enough

Summer always seems to end with Labour Day weekend. The days of new school outfits and school supplies and lunch pails have faded into memory; still, there seems a finality to this weekend that seems to put the closing parentheses on summer that Victoria Day had opened.  The sunshine, heat, and the outdoors is how I think of summer. Winter seems to swallow me up and my reaction is to hermit myself to avoid the outdoors. However, in summer the indoors seem almost offensive and confining and I spend hours on the front porch. While I hear others complain about the heat, I try to remember that people pay big bucks in winter to enjoy the weather we have for free in summer.

Traditionally, the end of summer brings change too; change that can be observed in nature and in our family. I am thankfully once again employed and this new job maybe “the job” the one where I can apply all my skills, learn, be challenged and truly contribute. The catch is that I have a six month probation period to prove I have the project management skills they require.  Sometimes I think I do, sometimes I fear I don’t.  I am so full of gratitude and believe that angels were present in this opportunity.  I want so much for this to work and am trying to just believe and push the fear aside.

So it’s like the life line has been extended to me and it’s my job to hold on, pull myself aboard and prove I can manage to captain the ship.

Still, with one major source of worry lessened, each day I pray that my children will move positively into their futures. One is exploring returning to school, one is finished and seeking employment, one struggles with anxiety and depression and finding his way in life while the youngest is preparing for her future at University in her second year.

While my faith and hope is strong and I believe in my children, how can one not be concerned about their adult children in today’s world where downsizing, restructuring and huge student debt loads are the norm? Give it over to God some say. Give your worries to Him. I can give him a portion but I’m still their mom, they are my people.  I want not only the best for them but I would love for them to live their lives with ease. To know they can take care of themselves, live independently and have enough resources to feel content and not threatened. It is for this wish that I pray.

So, kids, I’m not praying for you to be rich or to have everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m just praying you have enough – like this poem: http://www.silentinsight.com/silent-insight-daily-catholi/daily-meditation-i-wish-you-enough.html.

Bumps in the road make you stronger and challenges make you appreciate what goes well. May you whether the storms in the shelter of your strength and the love that surrounds you. And I’ll keep praying for you!

I am Blessed to Be Mom!