Enjoying Rome and Italy


Finding happy thoughts among my photos

As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed looking at photographs. I like to imagine the story that goes with the photo, especially when I don’t know the people in them. In a similar way, I like to imagine the history of an old home or building and wonder about who might have lived there and the stories they might tell.

For me, it seems, stories and photographs are inter-related and seem to hold the same enchantment. Along those lines, as a child I loved to make up stories. It wasn’t until I was a student of journalism that my enjoyment of taking photos began to evolve. I’ve forgotten much of what I learned and knowing my manual Nikon SLR inside and out doesn’t translate that well for my digital SLR I know use. While I admit I often let the camera settings do the work for me now and I miss the creativity of the dark room, there’s still art in taking photos for me. It’s the specific moments, how you frame a subject, what is captured in that split second that makes images unique.

At times, I’m telling a story with the images I capture. At times, I’m lost in a space of seeing through the lens and at other times I’m seeking a specific subject or setting. I dream of taking photo-tours of places like Algonquin park or Arizona. In the meantime, however, I treasure the pictures of my children through the years that document their ever-changing appearances, interests but also what qualities have remained constant about them as well.

Admittedly, not all photos hold my interest though. I admit that like slideshows of someone else’s vacation, sometimes the photo fail to engage me. Speaking of slides though, I still love the vibrant colours that can be achieved with slide film. I think the photos I like best are ones of strangers in environments unfamiliar and photos of the people I love and the places I’ve seen.

Because of this I am going to work on sharing photo galleries on my blog. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them, or perhaps you’ll yawn and find something more interesting to you. However, since this blog is about finding my happy thoughts, many of them are found among my photos. Sharing Greece (below).